Create the Split

Before diving into the specifics of using the Marketplace solution, you need to understand a few terms used throughout this document and in the API. 1.

Creating a split involves the following:

  • The marketplace owners are referred to as the “aggregator merchant”
  • The individual providers or sub-sellers of that marketplace are referred to as “child merchants”
  • The fee that the parent Merchant can optionally apply per Sub Merchant transaction is called the “aggregatorCharges”.
  • The amount that will be settled to given child merchants is referred to as the “amountToBeSettled”.

Procedure to create a split

To perform a basic API setup for adding a payment, adding splits (sub-payment) for payment, and releasing a sub-payment:

  1. Implement any of the following split APIs to split at your end using the transaction id generated:

Note: You can implement the convenience fee for any of the above Split APIs. For more information on convenience fee, refer to Convenience Fee Handling.

  1. Get Aggregator/Parent Transaction Info Get the split information of the parent transaction in the Aggregator flow.
  2. Release Settlement API: Implement the release payment API.