PayU offers multiple payment workflows suitable for your online payment collection and disbursement strategy with diverse requirements and operational realities. Your website’s payment workflow is an integral part of your customer’s shopping experience. After the customer adds the products to the shopping cart on your website and checkout, you need to offer various payment modes to make the shopping experience complete.

PayU offers various types of Web Checkout integration with your website to collect payments from customers using multiple payment modes prevalent in India.

After Web Checkout integration, you can use various Integration APIs for further requests with banks, credit card providers, or wallet providers.

Types of Web Checkout Integration

PayU offers the following Web Checkout integrations to cater to merchants with or without PCI-DSS certifications to operate the facility.

PayU_HostedPrebuilt Hosted Checkout or PayU Hosted Checkout

- Easier and faster integration.
- Redirect your customers to pre-built pages of PayU for making payments.
- No PCI-DSS certifications required.
Custom Checkout or Merchant Hosted Checkout

- Collect customer’s payment credentials directly through your payments interface.
- Integrate with suite of Web Checkout-based products API with your custom interface.

- Collect customer’s payment credentials unlike other integrations, where the data is fetched through a direct call.
- Progress cannot be witnessed through the change of the URLs.

The following video describes what is a payment gateway and how it works: