Enable Co-Branded Onboarding (OAuth) for Partners

The following are the major steps involved to enable Co-Branded Onboarding (OAuth) for partners:

  1. Create a partner account at https://partner.payu.in if required. For more information, refer to Register a Partner Account
  2. Request enablement of OAuth with your PayU Key Account Manager. You need to ensure that the following OAuth scope is configured for your account.  
Scope name: credentials_using_oauth
  1. Configure the URLs in the application. For more information, refer to Configure URLs and Logo.
  2. Update the brand logo and theme colour for the onboarding journey and save. 

Note: Brand Logo should be in jpg/jpeg, less than 5MB in size, and width and height should be 90 pixels. For more information on configuring the brand logo, refer to Configure URLs and Logo.

  1. Show case the onboarding URL details at your website so that your merchants can sign up:


The following environment or base URLs must be used based on the Test or Production environment:

  1. Merchants can perform any of the following steps:

The partner can pass the email of the merchant in the URL and the user will be taken to the Sign-in or Signup page. For example:

https://onboarding.payu.in/app/account/signup?reseller_id=11ea-c29b-c691cce0-8256-02aa98a2d2b0&email=[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])