Manual Integration

To integrate with CustomBrowser in iOS manually:

  1. Download the latest custom browser archive from the following PayU Github location and extract it:
  2. Drag and drop PayUCustomBrowser.framework into your project.
  3. Add libz.tbd libraries into your project target’s build phases.
  4. Add SystemConfiguration framework into your project target’s Build Phases.
  5. Add -ObjC in Other Linker Flags in Project Build Settings.
  6. Add PayUCustomBrowser.framework in Embedded Binaries in General Settings.

After the CustomBrowser library is added to your project, you can go ahead and use it to make payments.

Import PayU SDK

While working with a Swift project, add the above code in the Bridging-Header.h file. This is applicable to Objective-C or Swift programming language.

#import <PayUCustomBrowser/PayUCustomBrowser.h>