Generate Merchant Key and Salt

Before starting Web Checkout integration or integrating your website with PayU products, you need to generate your API key and Salt using the PayU Merchant Dashboard. For more information on how to toggle between the Live and Test mode on Dashboard, refer to Toggle between Live and Test Mode.

Before you Begin

You need to activate your account with PayU to get the key and salt details on PayU Dashboard. You account gets activated only if you had submitted all the basic documents while onboarding. For more information, refer to Activate Account.



  • The API key and Salt will not be visible or accessible for merchants who have not completed onboarding or website was verified by PayU. While onboarding, the website verification takes 1-2 days.
  • The API key and Salt will not be visible for merchants without a website.


To regenerate Salt from the PayU Merchant Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the following URL and log in to Merchant Dashboard.:

  1. Select Payment Gateway under Collect Payments from the menu on the left-pane.

    The Payment Gateway Integrations page is displayed similar to the following screenshot.

  1. Scroll down to Key Salt Details section.

    The values for the following fields are generated automatically (for the first time) and displayed similar to the following screenshot:

  • Merchant Key: The API key that you must use for all the payment requests.
  • Active Salt : Expand the drop-down to view the Salt that you must use to generate hash and further post the hash along with parameters when posting a payment request with PayU.



  • Use the copy button next to each field to copy them to a text file and save themin a confidential location for your perusal. This will avoid any typo with the merchant key.
  • You can generate API key and Salt only once from Merchant Dashboard. If you wish to reset the API key or Salt, you need to contact PayU Support.
  1. Click Regenerate.

    The following pop-up page is displayed requesting OTP:

  1. Click Send OTP to receive the OTP to your registered mobile number.

    The following pop-up page is displayed to enter the OTP .

  1. Enter the OTP that you received from PayU.

Note: Click Resend OTP if you did not receive the OTP or your browser had other issues.

  1. Click Activate Now.



  • Copy this Salt and replace your existing salt for all API your integration with PayU. After you have updated, Click on Activate Now to activate the new salt.
  • Until you click Activate Now, your new salt will not be activated, and transactions will fail.