Android PhonePe SDK

PhonePay SDK offers in app experience to start collecting payments through instruments saved on phone. Supports UPI, card and wallet payments along with UPI PIN authentication.


  • Supports UPI, card, and wallet payment modes
  • Opens as an in-app experience without any redirection
  • UPI PIN authentication
  • For Phonepe pay, no CVV rather an OTP with auto read/ submit is there
  • Fallbacks to collect in case the app is not installed

PayU offers two types of PhonePe flows:

  • In-App Flow
  • Web Flow

In-App flow

Where the user device has the PhonePe application installed. We invoke the Installed PhonePe application to do the payment transaction. Users will see the Bottom-sheet (In-app) like the UI on the checkout screen of the following video:

Web flow

If the user device doesn’t have the PhonePe application installed, we will show the Web checkout to make the payment, where the customer can make the payment by logging into the PhonePe and using the available payment methods.


  • Min SDK Version: 21
  • Compile SDK Version: 31 and above
  • Kotlin version: 1.6.10