Integrate Import for PayUBiz

The cross-border payment integration for PayUBiz involves the following significant steps:

  1. Make Payment using Web Checkout Integration
  2. Update Invoice ID [Optional]
  3. Upload Invoice with PayU

Step 1: Make Payment using Web Checkout Integration

The following parameters (mandatory) must be posted using any of the following Web Checkout integration and refer to the corresponding section of Web Checkout Integration documentation for the complete list of parameters to be posted:

Make Payment Request

For sample request and response, refer to Collect Payment API - Merchant Hosted Checkout.

Step 2: Update Invoice ID [Optional]

If the Invoice ID value was unavailable when posting the transaction at Step 1, it can be updated using the UDF Update API by posting it in the UDF5 parameter. For more information, refer to UDF Update API.

Step 3: Upload the Invoices

According to the RBI guidelines, the invoice file must be shared with PayU within 10 days of the transaction. The invoices can be uploaded using the Invoice Upload API. For more information, refer to Invoice Upload API.