Android Native OTP Assist SDK

Native OTP Assist – Android

The OTP Assist SDK provides a complete authentication flow for card transactions. It offers to capture OTP in your app without any redirection to the bank’s 3Dsecure/ACS page. This means that there’s one less point of failure in the checkout process and a faster completion rate for transactions. The OTP Assist SDK will auto-read and submit OTP on behalf of the user.

Watch the video to quickly get started with Native OTP Assist Android SDK


The Native OTP Assist SDK gives you the following key capabilities:

  • Read OTP on your app without redirecting to the bank page, for eligible bins.
  • If the bin is not eligible, then it will redirect to the bank’s 3d-secure/ACS page.
  • Support for Android native SMS permission, as well as Google Consent API.

Supported Banks

Native OTP flow is supported for most debit and credit cards issued by top banks. The list keeps growing and we recommend connecting with your account manager to have the new flows activated for your account.

Bank NameCard Scheme
State Bank of IndiaVisa, Master, Rupay
HDFC BankVisa, Master, Rupay, Diners
ICICI BankVisa, Master
Axis BankVisa, Master
Kotak BankVisa, Master
CitibankVisa, Master
Standard Chartered BankVisa, Master


Watch Out

  • The SDK runs a BIN check before proceeding with the Native OTP experience. You may run BIN check independently if you wish. Reach out to our support team to get started using “[email protected]“.
    There are few bins that are not eligible for native OTP flow even the Bank and card scheme are eligible.
  • Bank downtime will affect the performance of this flow.


  • Min SDK Version: 21
  • Compile SDK Version: 31 or later