Merchant Hosted Checkout Integration

This section describes how to integrate Dynamic Currency Conversion with Merchant Hosted Checkout Integration (Seamless Integration).



You need to contact your PayU Key Account Manager to enable Dynamic Currency Conversion.


Before you begin:

Register for a account with PayU before you start integration. For more information, refer to Register for a Merchant Account.

Steps to Integrate:

  1. Check the Card BIN
  2. Post the parameters to PayU and Check the response from PayU
  3. Verify the payment

Step 1: Check the card BIN

Check if the card number of the customer is international or domestic using the Check is Domestic API. This is to avoid payment failure and validation of the card BIN. For more information, refer to Check is Domestic API under API Reference.

Step 2: Post the parameters to PayU

Make the transaction request with the payment details provided by the customer to PayU. For the description of the request and response parameters, refer to Collect Payments API.



It is recommended to collect the customer’s e-mail address, phone, address, city, state, and country and then post those details along with the payment request with PayU. This will help in checking the risk of the transaction based on these data.

Sample response

    [mihpayid] => 4***9371***40***25
    [mode] => NB
    [status] => success
    [unmappedstatus] => captured
    [key] => JPM7Fg
    [txnid] => bvRCCBO4YiGGHE
    [amount] => 10.00
    [discount] => 0.00
    [net_amount_debit] => 10
    [addedon] => 2021-09-06 13:59:39
    [productinfo] => iPhone
    [firstname] => Ashish
    [lastname] => 
    [address1] => 
    [address2] => 
    [city] => 
    [state] => 
    [country] => 
    [zipcode] => 
    [email] => [email protected]
    [phone] => 9876543210
    [udf1] => 
    [udf2] => 
    [udf3] => 
    [udf4] => 
    [udf5] => 
    [udf6] => 
    [udf7] => 
    [udf8] => 
    [udf9] => 
    [udf10] => 
    [hash] => fa7bb889d25b2a60bcf32316d1c9346589ff3de012dd0c66aa47ec12f1349837163ef8a603bd8b357de610b768f08dc4fb3bb4702d1ca6d9751300667fd763a6
    [field1] => 
    [field2] => 
    [field3] => 
    [field4] => 
    [field5] => 
    [field6] => 
    [field7] => 
    [field8] => 
    [field9] => Transaction Completed Successfully
    [payment_source] => payu
    [PG_TYPE] => CC-PG
    [bank_ref_num] => ae67e632-f4eb-4121-b47b-2d35dce5ec2e
    [bankcode] => CC
    [error] => E000
    [error_Message] => No Error

Step 3: Verify the payment

Verify the transaction details using the Verification Payment API. For more information, For API reference, refer to Verify Payment API.



The transaction ID that you posted in Step 1 with PayU must be used here.