Software development kits (SDK) or dev kits are a collection of tools and programs that are indispensable for creating platform-specific applications. They can accelerate the application development journey by providing a range of enablers, including frameworks, code samples, processes, documentation, libraries, and guides that the developers can directly plug into their builds. SDKs allow the apps to be readily equipped with enhanced functionalities while conveniently bypassing the need to be developed from scratch, optimizing application development costs, and complexities.

In addition to Flutter, PayU provides the following SDKs based on the mobile platform you want to integrate with:

  • Android SDKs
  • Apple iOS SDKs
  • React Native
  • Cordova SDK

PayU’s SDK Offerings

PayU’s Mobile SDK offers important mobility features that help customers to make smooth and easy transactions using mobile phones:

  • Plug and Play modules for payments
  • Native Mobile Interface for PayU’s API
  • Easy Integration and Cost Saving
  • Zero Management effort in rolling updates