Overview and Workflow

PayU offers Payouts as a product for businesses to make instant payments to diverse customers. Payout in general terms means a large amount of money to be paid off to the beneficiary. It is a reliable and secure payment option for all types of businesses that eases substantial monetary transactions. 



To register as a merchant and start using Payouts, refer to Register for a Merchant Account and contact your PayU Key Account Manager.

Why choose PayU Payouts

You can make single or bulk payments through Payouts API Integration and an easy-to-use Dashboard. 


  • Single-click Bulk Payments
  • Connected Baking
  • IMPS, NEFT, RTGS and UPI support
  • Exclusive Merchant Dashboard
  • Account Verification Support
  • Reliable APIs and Webhooks
  • Self-service Onboarding
  • Sub-account Structure


  • Experience smooth Onboarding
  • Run Payouts Integration in parallel to Onboarding with few easy steps
  • Enjoy automated and quick transfers with simplified reconciliation
  • Secure and reliable service with retry payment support

Payouts: Use Cases

  • Payroll Processing – Disburse employee salaries, rewards and bonuses quickly
  • E-Commerce – Initiate bulk refunds for online purchases 
  • B2B Vendors – Bulk payouts for B2B vendor payments
  • Marketplace sellers – Make instant payments for marketplace sellers
  • Advertising & Affiliates – Make bulk payments instantly to affiliate partners
  • Lending – Quick and hassle-free loan disbursement
  • Insurance – Make payouts to settle insurance claims of customers quickly
  • Online Gaming Reward – Automate transfer of in-game winning
  • Domestic Money Transfer – Make Domestic Money Transfers instantly

Before you begin

PayU strongly recommends you test your integration using the test credentials. For more information refer to Test Credentials.