Shopmatic is an eCommerce platform that you can use to build your online presence. You can create a simple and great-looking website, an eCommerce webstore, Social Media, Custom Domain Name solutions, Marketplaces, and Logistics.

You can quickly enable PayU and collect payments from your customers using Net Banking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI, or Wallets.


Before you begin:

Register for a account with PayU before you start integration. For more information, refer to Register for a Merchant Account.

Enable PayU for Shopmatic

To enable PayU for Shopmatic:

  1. Log in to your Shopmatic account.
  2. Select Setup > Payments from the menu (on the left pane).

    The _India Domestic Payment_ page is displayed.

  1. Click Enable for PayU.

    The Integrate PayU page is displayed.

  1. Click I already have a PayUmoney account.

Note: If you already do not have a PayU account, register for a merchant account with PayU. For more information, refer to Register for a Merchant Account

A page similar to the following is displayed:

  1. Enter the details as described in the following table:
Merchant KeyEnter the merchant key that was provided by PayU.
Merchant IDEnter your production account key for the Production environment.
Merchant SaltEnter your Salt for Production environment.

Reference: For more information on how to generate the Key and Salt, refer to any of the following:

  1. Click Save.



PayU recommends this step to reconcile with PayU’s database after you receive the response. Verify the transaction details using the Verification Payment API. For API reference, refer to Verify Payment API.