A partner is a person you refer to PayU and earn incentives. The partner can be resellers or franchisees who can earn incentives for being associated with your business by referral or being part of your platform by offering PayU Payment Platform to the referrals.

PayU Partner Program is a way to grow your business exponentially, raising your profits. PayU’s reliable and secure payment solutions help you with the best customer service efforts. Connect your merchants with PayU with our easy and simple integration methods. By joining this program, you can focus more on business goals to enrich the product experiences and less on maintaining payment systems. To get started, you need to register as a merchant with PayU. For more information, refer to Register a Partner Account.


  • Quick and easy integration
  • Refer merchants and get rewarded
  • Easy Account reconciliation
  • Real-time merchant onboarding status updates
  • Onboard merchants quickly using Partner Partner Integration APIs
  • Onboard merchants and validate KYC automatically on the Partner Portal
  • Customize Partner Portal with OAuth and onboard merchants with a branded portal.

Who can become a partner?

PayU welcomes any small- or large-scale enterprise into their partner program. The following list demonstrates LOBs that have partnered with PayU:

  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Digital Service Providers
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Freelancers & Small-scale Businesses
  • Accelerator Firms
  • E-commerce Businesses

Types of partner

  • Platform Partner: Companies who are providing ready-to-use eCommerce websites, software solutions for retailers, and accountants, or restaurants, partnering with PayU helps you create new revenue streams and scale internationally. For example, Shopify, Zoho, ClearTax, etc.
  • Resellers: Resellers are freelancers/entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their business by earning incentives through their clients.

After you onboard the merchants, they can start collecting payments from their customers. For more information, refer to Web Integration.

Methods of onboarding merchants

The following table explains methods of merchant onboarding from various constraints:

ParametersRefer using PayU APIsCo-Branded OnboardingReferral LinkRefer using Portal
Custom Onboarding JourneyYesYesLimitedYes
Integration MethodAPIOauthHyperlinkPartner Portal
Integration EffortHighLowLowestLow
User ExperiencePartner ControlCo-Branded OnboardingPayU ControlPayU Control
Redirection to PayUNoYesYesYes
Pre-fill FieldsYesYesNoNo
AuthorizationOTP Verification through APIMerchant Consent for AuthorisationNANA
Redirection back to PlatformNAYesNANA
Ideal ForPlatformsMid-sized BusinessesFreelancers or Small BusinessesFreelancers or Small Businesses
StatusReadyIn DevReadyReady