Referral Onboarding

You can onboard your clients yourself on their behalf from the Partner Dashboard. Merchant has to accept the Service Agreement. After being onboarded, merchants can complete their profiles and start enjoying the services offered by PayU.

You will find an option available on the Partner Dashboard as Refer a Merchant. Using this, you can either onboard a single merchant or multiple merchants with a single click. Enter your merchant’s primary details, and you are done with creating a merchant account. You can onboard a merchant or multiple merchants as described in the following sections:

Add a referral merchant

This section describes the procedure add a single referral merchant.

To onboard a referral merchant:

  1. Log in to your partner account.

    On the left pane, the Add Single Merchant and Add Multiple Merchant options are displayed under Refer a Merchant.

  2. Click Add Single Merchant on the left pane to add a single merchant.


 The _Refer a merchant_ pop-up page is displayed.

  1. Enter the following merchant’s details:
NameEnter the name of the merchant.
Email AddressEnter the email address of the merchant.
Phone NumberEnter the merchant’s phone number.
Payment ServiceEnter the payment service from the drop-down list that the merchant will use.
Business CategorySelect the business category from the drop-down list to which the merchant belongs.
  1. Click Next to proceed further.

    The Merchant Plan page is displayed.

  1. Click Add Merchant button to add the merchant with the Standard plan (free), where the transaction charges listed on the page are applicable. Before adding, check default merchant plan details.

Note: Select the Click Here option at the bottom of the Merchant Plan page to see the benefits (similar to the following screenshot) if you are a registered partner. You can avail of these benefits only if you are a registered partner. For more information, contact PayU Support.

The referral merchant gets added to the Home page.

  1. Click Complete Profile to complete the merchant’s profile.

You will be redirected to the Complete Your KYC page as in PayU Dashboard. For more information, refer the to Activate Account section of the PayU Dashboard User Guide.

Add multiple referral merchants

You can upload multiple referral merchants by entering their details in the provided template. If you want to add a merchant (single), refer to Onboarding APIs

To add multiple referral merchants:

  1. Log in to your partner account.

    On the left pane, the Add Single Merchant and Add Multiple Merchant options are displayed under Refer a Merchant.


  1. Click Add Multiple Merchants on the left pane to add multiple merchants.

    The Add Multiple Merchants pop-up page is displayed.

  1. Select the Download Sample Template option to download the spreadsheet template in which you need to fill in the details of multiple merchants.

Note: If you try to upload using any other spreadsheet or template, the upload will be successful only if the columns (marked mandatory and same order) as in the template mentioned in Step 3.

  1. Click Browse to select the spreadsheet containing the multiple merchant details.

Note: The values for the following columns in the spreadsheet are mandatory. You can fill in the other details.

  • Merchant Name
  • Merchant Email
  • Merchant Phone
  1. Click Submit.

Complete your Referral Details

You have to complete the following sections (in the following sequence) on the KYC page to complete KYC for your merchant with PayU:

Navigate to the KYC page for a Referral

To open the KYC page for a referral:

  1. Log in to Partner Portal.

The list of referrals are displayed.

  1. Click Complete Profile next on the referral entry that you wish to complete KYC details.

    A page is displayed with a message, “Your account is active. Complete your full KYC.” The PAN Verification section is displayed requesting your PAN details.

PAN Verification

To verify your PAN on the PAN verification section:

  1. Enter your PAN in the Business PAN Card field.

  1. Click Proceed to Verify.

After the PAN is verified, the section name gets updated to “Your PAN is verified. Way yo Go!” and Tell us a little bit about your business section is enabled.

Tell us a little bit about your business

To enter information on your business in the Tell us a little bit about your business section:

  1. Select your business category from the Business Category drop-down list.

  1. Select your business sub category from the Business Sub Category drop-down list.
  2. Enter your GSTIN in the GSTIN field (optional).
  3. Enter the estimated sales or revenue per month of your business in the Expected Sales per month field.
  4. Click Proceed.

The section name gets updated to Business details submitted successfully. The Enter Bank details of <your name> section is enabled, where <your name > is substituted with your name as in PAN.

Enter Bank Details

To enter your bank details on the Enter bank details of <your name> section:

  1. Enter your account number in the Bank Account Number field.

  1. Enter your bank IFSC code in the IFSC Code field. You can find the IFSC code on the cheque book provided by your bank.
  2. Click Connect Bank Account.

How do you Wish to Accept Payments

To specify how do wish to accept payments from your customers, select any of the following on the How do you wish to accept payments section:

  • On my website/app: Enter the URL for the following fields:
    1. Website
    2. Android App
    3. iOS App

Note: You have to ensure that the list of pages are created on your website as indicated under the Important – Your website must have the following pages.

Click Next to proceed to the Verify signing authoring details section.

The section title gets updated to “Signing authority details captured” and the Verify signing authority details section is enabled.

Verify signing authority details

To verify your business signing authority details in the Verify signing authority details section:

  1. Verify the details in the following fields:
    • Signing Authority Name
    • Signing Authority’s PAN card number
    • Signing Authority Email ID

  1. Update the email ID in the Signing Authority Email ID field if required.
  2. Click Proceed to KYC.

The section name gets update to “Signing authority details captured” and the Complete the KYC section is enabled.

Complete the KYC

To fetch your KYC documents automatically from the cKYC/Aadhaar database or upload the documents manually, select any of the following options:

  • Fetch from cKYC: To fetch your automatically from the cKYC database:
    1. Enter your date of birth or company’s incorporation date in the Date of Birth/ Date of Incorporation field.
    2. Select the I hereby authorize PayU … check box to authorize PayU to fetch the KYC documents from cKYC.
    3. Click Submit.

  • Fetch from Aadhaar: To fetch your automatically from the Aadhaar database:
    1. Select the By proceeding I accept Aadhar Terms and Conditions check box to accept Aaadhar Terms & Conditions.
    2. Click Submit.
  • Upload documents manually: To upload the KYC documents manually:
    1. Verify the details in the following fields:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Postal Code
      • City
      • State
    2. Update the Address and Postal Code fields if required.
    3. Choose Yes in the Do you have a different Operating Business Address ? field if the business address is different and enter the following details:
      • Address
      • Postal Code
    4. Click Confirm and Proceed.

An additional section, Additional documents required is displayed. For more information, refer to Additional Documents Required.

Additional documents required

To submit the documents manually:

  1. Select each of the following drop-down list and select the document by clicking Select file from your library:
    • PAN Card: Select a scanned copy or photo of your PAN card.
    • Address Proof: Select a scanned copy or photo of a government issued ID cards such as Passport or Driving License.
    • Government issued certificate copy (only if requested): Select your Income Tax returns scanned document (80G).
  2. Click Submit Documents.

A message similar to the following is displayed at the bottom right-corner of your browser.