Get Client ID and Secret from Dashboard

You can check your client ID and secret from Dashboard. The Client ID and secret is used in Payment Links and Payouts.



The client ID and secret on PayU Dashboard cannot be used for your Partner Program or Partner integration. To get client ID and secret for Partner integration, refer to Download Client Credentials.

To get the client ID and secret from the PayU Merchant Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the following URL and log in to Merchant Dashboard.:

  1. Select Payment Gateway under Collect Payments from the menu on the left-pane.

    The Payment Gateway Integrations page is displayed similar to the following screenshot.

  1. Scroll down to Client ID & Secret Details pane.
  1. Click Get Client Details.

    The Enter Password pop-up page is displayed to confirm your password for security.

  1. Enter your password and click Proceed.

    The Client ID and Secret is displayed in the pop-up page.