Customise your Integration

The Native OTP Assist SDK provides several customization options allowing you to make the SDK closer to the look & feel of your app and work as per your business requirements.

Customisation Options

  • Update merchant Logo
  • Change the theme color
  • Change the waiting time for the OTP
  • Disable auto-submit OTP Flag
  • Update merchant response timeout for fallback

Update merchant logo

You can display your brand logo in the PayU Native OTP Assist SDK to reinforce trust and branding. To set a logo in the SDK, you need to pass the drawable ID of the logo image resource from your app.

let config = PayUOtpAssistConfig()
config.merchantLogo = #imageLiteral(resourceName: "logo")

Change theme colour

Our SDK allows you to change the theme color, and you need to set this primary color in your color file.

let config = PayUOtpAssistConfig()
config.themeColor = #colorLiteral(red: 0.01960784314, green: 0.231372549, blue: 0.7568627451, alpha: 1)

Change Waiting for OTP timeout

PayU will wait for a specified time for the OTP, after which the SDK falls back to the manual OTP screen. The default time is 30 seconds; you may change it to any other duration. PayU recommends you configure the timeout to less than 60 seconds for a better user experience.

let config = PayUOtpAssistConfig()
config.merchantResponseTimeout = 10000 // In milliseconds

Disable Auto-Submit OTP flag

Merchant can enable/disable the auto-submit OTP flow using the following flag. The default value is set to true.

let config = PayUOtpAssistConfig()
config.shouldShowMerchantSummary = true

Card BIN eligibility check

You can check the card whether your card bin eligible or not for the OTP on the Merchant App.