Add a Sub-Account

Adding a sub-account involves the following major steps:

The following describes the procedure to add a sub-account:

Step 1: Basic details

  1. Select Split & Supplier Payments on the menu.

    The Manage Sub-accounts page is displayed.

  1. Click Add Sub-Accounts at the top-right corner.

    The Add a Sub-Account page is displayed.

  1. Enter the details as specified in the following table:
Account NameEnter the business account name in this field. The name entered in the field will be printed in the various reports generated from PayU Dashboard.
Mobile NoEnter your 10-digit mobile number in this field.
Account Email IDEnter your business email ID linked to this Dashboard in this field.
  1. Click Proceed.

    The page is refreshed to display the other panes to complete the sub-account details.

Step 2: PAN verification

  1. Enter your business PAN card number in the Business PAN Card Number field. If your business is a sole proprietorship, enter your personal PAN card number.

  2. Enter your date of birth or company’s date of incorporation in the Date of Birth/Date of Incorporation field.

  3. Click Proceed to Verify.

    A pop-up page is displayed to choose the business entity.

  1. Select your business entity type from the drop-down and click the Confirm I am <your business name> button. Where <your business name> is substituted with the name you entered in the Business PAN Card Number field at Step 2.

    The Tell us a little bit about your business pane is displayed.

Step 3: Business details

  1. Enter the details on the Tell us a little bit about your business pane as specified in the following table:
Business CategorySelect your business category from this drop-down list.
Business Sub CategorySelect your business subcategory from the drop-down list.
GSTINEnter your GSTIN if your business has GSTIN.
Monthly expected Sales (in Rupees)Enter the expected sales from your business per month (in rupees) in this field.
Shop codeEnter your shop code.
StateSelect the state where your business is located.
Trade NameSelect the trade name from the drop-down list. This is based on the PAN Card details you had provided in Step 2: PAN Verification.
  1. Click Proceed.

    The Step 4: Enter Bank Details <your name> pane is displayed.

Step 4: Bank details

  1. Enter the sub-account bank details as described in the following table:

Note: In case you do not have sub-account or child merchant bank details or if you skip the step, you can share the following link to your child merchant so that they can submit their bank details:


Bank Holder NameSelect the name of the beneficiary from the drop-down list.
Bank Account NumberEnter the account number of the beneficiary.
IFSC CodeEnter the bank branch IFSC code or click the Search IFSC option to search and select the IFSC code.
  1. Click Connect Bank Account.

    The Step 5: Additional documents required pane is displayed.

Step 5: Additional Documents

  1. Select any of the following options from the Bank Account Proof of drop-down list and upload the proof document using the Upload Document Select a scanned copy or photo of your PAN card:

    • Passport
    • Bank Passbook
    • Canceled Cheque
    • Bank Verification Letter
  2. Upload the Schedule C document using the Upload Schedule C field.

  3. Click Submit Documents.

    After the sub-account bank details are submitted, the following confirmation message is displayed.

If the sub-account bank details are not entered, the following page is displayed so that you can share it with your merchant.