Payouts Lifecycle

When you make a payout, it typically flows through certain statuses. Each step gets looped in to a particular status as in the following flow diagram:

Following table explains the meaning of each status: 

QUEUEDTransactions are queued. This is the first state of transition after initiating a transfer. Note: If a merchant account is not having enough balance to process the transaction, then the payout is transitioned into a queued state only until the money gets deposited in the virtual account.    For more information, refer to – Disable Queued Payout
IN PROGRESSTransaction is out of queue and processing has started.  This is the intermediate state after which the transaction can transition into any of the final States.  
PENDINGTransaction is either being processed by the partner bank and the final status (SUCCESS/FAILURE) is yet to be received. Final status is updated after receiving the bank’s response as success or fail.  Note: Reconciliation for this type of transaction happens after every 5 min.
SUCCESS (Final State)Transaction is completed successfully, and the amount is transferred to the customer’s account.
FAILURE (Final State)Transaction failed. Check for errors and resolve. Otherwise, retry with a new transaction.  Note: This can happen due to some underlying reasons such as low balance, invalid account or beneficiary details etc. To avoid these reasons, read about Low Balance Alert Webhook and Verification APIs.
REVERSED (Final State)Transaction is reversed due to incorrect account details or reversal by the clearance bank or beneficiary bank. Once transaction enters this state, it is not transitioned into any other state.
WAITING FOR RETRYTransaction is waiting to be picked again for reprocessing. Payout transitions into this status in cases like “Beneficiary Bank Server Down” or “Request Timeout” while initiating a transaction at bank and you have passed retry flag as true or empty while calling transfer API. Retry happens three times as follows:  First retry happens after 30 min Second retry happens after 1 hour of 1st retry  Third retry happens after 1 hour of 2nd retry  The maximum TAT for pending transactions will be 3-4 hours in case of IMPS, and in case of NEFT it will based on bank timing. Maximum it can go to the next working day of bank.
PENDING FOR APPROVALTransaction is in pending for the approval to be received from the Maker/Checker Approval Workflow. To know more information, refer to Maker/Checker Approval Workflow.      
REJECTED (Final State)Transaction is rejected due to incorrect beneficiary details or due to rejection received from Maker/Checker Approval Workflow.
CANCELLED (Final State)Transaction is cancelled before processing it. This state transition happens only when the payout is in queued state.