Expanded View of the Affordability Widget

The expanded view of the affordability widget displays specific details about the available affordability option. The Expanded Widget view includes the following three sections, which are available based on whether you (the merchant) have subscribed to those options.

  • Offers for you — lists all the available offers that you provide for your customers to use. To learn more about Offers, see Offers.
  • EMI Plans — supports over 17 different credit card EMI options. It enlists all available EMI plans that your customers can utilize to purchase products. The section also provides the tenure level details of each EMI plan, calculated based on the price of the SKU listed on the product page. To learn more about EMI integration, EMI Integration.
  • Pay Later — displays all the available Pay Later (or BNPL) options that your customers can use. To learn more about Pay Later, see Collect Payments with BNPL.