The PayU Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) or Multi Currency Payments (MCP) integration allows merchants to price goods or services in different foreign currencies while still receiving a settlement in their chosen currency. For consumers, it helps to comprehend the price of the good or service in the currency they understand well or prefer to pay.


PayU’s International platforms allow you to provide a seamless and card payment experience to their customers without any additional code changes in existing integration. Some of the integration benefits are:

  • Highly secure payment experience
  • Supporting skid-3DS and 3DS transactions based on merchant requirements
  • Ability to convert real-time transaction amount into the customer’s card issuing currency, which includes 130 currencies and about 230 countries.
  • Flexibility to get fund settlement in INR irrespective of card issuing currency

The following video describes the benefits of Dynamic Currency Conversion for your business: