Make Payment Using Custom Browser

To make payment using CustomBrowser in iOS:

  • Initiate Payment
  • Handle Payment Response

Step 1: Initiate payment

You just need to pass a few parameters to initialize PUCBWebVC controller which will initiate the payment process.

  • postParam: A string containing payment-related information. For more information on how to create it, refer to SDK Wiki​.
  • URL: This is the first URL loaded in the webView. postParam will be posted here. For example, in the case of PayU (production server), it will be:
  • merchantKey: This is the key provided to you by PayU. This is required to provide tech support to merchants for live transactions.
NSError *err = nil;
PUCBWebVC * webVC = [[PUCBWebVC alloc] initWithNSURLRequest:request                                               merchantKey:self.paymentParamForPassing.key
webVC.cbWebVCDelegate = self;
if (!err) {
    [self.navigationController pushViewController:webVC animated:true];

Step 2: Handle payment response

To get the response of payment (success, failure, or error), you need to conform to the PUCBWebVCDelegate protocol. The class in which you create the PUCBWebVC object will generally be the delegate. The following methods need to be implemented for response handling:

// Following methods give the response from your server's Success URL/ Failure URL. These are recommended to receive the response in your app after the transaction. 
// First parameter contains PayU's response. The second parameter contains response that your server has posted 
// to your app
- (void)PayUSuccessResponse:(id) payUResponse SURLResponse:(id) surlResponse;
- (void)PayUFailureResponse:(id) payUResponse FURLResponse:(id) furlResponse;

// Following methods give response from PayU to your app. The above methods are preferred over these methods 
// to mitigate data tampering risk. 
- (void)PayUSuccessResponse:(id)response; 
- (void)PayUFailureResponse:(id)response;

// General callbacks in case of ongoing transaction getting issues
- (void)PayUConnectionError:(NSDictionary *)notification;
- (void)PayUTransactionCancel;
- (void)shouldDismissVCOnBackPress; // This is an optional method which gets invoked if user presses back button. If you override it,