Closed-Loop Wallet Management

Closed-Loop Wallet can be used only at the issuing merchant’s website/app.

Closed loop wallet management involves the following APIs:

  • Create Wallet/Card API: This API will be required by the merchants to register the customer for wallet.
  • Retrieve Customer Record API: This API will be required by Merchants to fetch customer details and balance present in the customer wallet.
  • Update Profile API: This API will be used to update the customer profile details.
  • Load API: To load the money in the wallet post receiving success of the transaction.
  • Unload API: To spend the money from the wallet.
  • Check Status API: This will be required to check status of the load API used in the top-up journey.
  • Statement Inquiry API: This API can be used to fetch wallet transaction data between specific range.
  • Change Card Status API: This API used to change the card status of the card number of the customer.