Payment Invoices

Create professional invoices and email them to your customers. This helps your customers, wherever they are, can pay you faster. Use the Invoices module of PayU Dashboard to send or manage invoices.

Select Payment Tools > Invoices from the left pane of the Dashboard.



You can create invoices using APIs. For more information, refer to the following sections under API reference:

Search invoices

You can search for a specific invoice using the invoice number or title in the search field.

The Invoice page displays the records for the past seven days by default. You can select a particular date range or month or year using the calendar view option given in the dashboard.

View by time frame

To set up the time frame:

  1. Click Calendar to open the calendar view.
  2. Click to select Today, Yesterday, Past 7 days, or Past 30 days to view the transactions for the mentioned period.
  3. Click Apply to view the results.

View by custom time frame

To customize the view based on a custom time frame:

  1. Click Custom Range option
  2. Select the desired month and year from the drop-down list given at the top of the calendar view.
  3. Click to select the desired date range for the selected month.
  4. Click Apply to view the results.

You can filter the invoice records by invoice status using the Filter option given on the page.

  1. Click to select the required invoice status from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Apply to get the results.
  3. Use the Reset to clear the selection if required.

Share or download invoices

You can export the results using the Download button on the Invoice page. After you search and view and invoice, to download an invoice:

  1. Click Download tab to view the options.

  2. Click required format (CSV, XLSX, TXNS-CSV or TXNS-XLSX) to generate the report.

    A pop-up window will display the status of the generated report.

  1. Perform any of the following steps:
    • Click Download report to complete the action.
    • Click Share and then enter the recipient email ID. You can share the generated report using an email ID using this button.

Note: You can share the report to multiple email IDs by entering the comma-separated entries.

Create an Invoice

To create a GST-enabled payable new invoice to send to customers:

  1. Click Create New Invoice.

    The Create New Invoice page is displayed.

  1. Enter the Invoice number in the Invoice field.
  2. Click to select the Due date from the calendar view. The current date will be filled as the Issue date by default.
  3. Enter the invoice title in the Enter an invoice title field.

  1. Select the customer from the Billed To drop-down list to whom the invoice is created for.

  1. Click Add item to include the item details for the invoice.
  2. In the Description section, select the item name from the drop-down list.

Note: You can create a new item using the Create New Item option from the Enter Item Name drop-down menu. For more information, refer to Manage Invoice Items.

You can apply the GSTandPartialPayments for the invoice using the Enable GST and Enable Partial Payments check boxes in the Settings pane of the invoice page.

  1. Select the following check boxes as required on the Settings pane:
    • Enable GST: Select this check box to enable GST.
    • Enable Partial Payments: Select this check box to enable partial payments for this invoice.

  1. Click Send Invoice to share the invoice with the customer.



You can save, send, or cancel the invoice using the options on the top-right corner of the page.

Manage invoice items

The Items tab on the invoice page provides the list of items created along with the details such as Item ID, Item Name, Item details, Amount, and Actions.

The search field enables you to search for a particular item using the item name.

Create a new item

To create a new item:

  1. Click New Item on the top-right corner.

    The Add Item pop-up page is displayed to add the details of the item.

  1. Add the basic details like Item Name, Rate, Item Description and the Tax details (Optional).

  2. Click Create Item to complete the action.

  3. Use the Cancel to cancel the item creation if required.

    The Actions menu on the page enables you to edit or delete the items created.

Update an item

To update an item:

  1. Click Edit at the top-right corner.

The Update Item pop-up page is displayed.

  1. Update the Basic Details such as Item Name, Rate, and Item Description here.
  2. Click Update Item to complete.

Update Tax Details for an Item

If you want to edit the Tax details for the item.

  1. Click Skip to go to the Tax Details section (optional).

    The Tax Details tab is displayed on the Update Item pop-up page.

  2. Update the Inter-State Tax, Intra State Tax, Cess, HSN or SAC code in the respective fields.

  3. Click Tax Inclusive or Tax Exclusive as required.

  4. Click Save to complete the action.

You can delete a particular item using the Delete button provided in the item view.

Create a new customer

To create a customer in the Invoice section:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Collect Payments > Invoice.

  2. Select the Customers tab.

  3. Click New Customer at the top-right corner of the tab.

    The Add Customer pop-up page is displayed.

  1. Enter the following details in the respective fields.

    • Customer Name
    • Email
    • Contact Number
    • GSTIN
  2. Click Create Customer.

    The customer gets created and the Billing Address tab is displayed.

  1. Enter the following details for the billing address:

    • Address (Address line 1 and Address line 2)
    • PIN Code
    • City
    • State
    • Country
  2. Click Save & next.

    The Shipping Address tab is displayed.

  1. Perform any of the following steps:
    • Select the Use same as Billing Address check box.
    • Enter the following details for the shipping address:
      • Address (Address line 1 and Address line 2)
      • PIN Code
      • City
      • State
      • Country
  2. Click Save.