2. Test Integration



The UPI in-app and UPI intent flow is not available in the Test mode.


Testing checklist

Things to remember while testing an integration:

  1. To test the integration make sure that you are making a transaction call to the test endpoint.
  2. Use your test key and salt for the transaction requests. For more information, refer to Generate Test Key and Salt.
  3. Set the value of the environment parameters to 1.

To test the PayU Hosted Checkout integration:

  1. After the items are added to cart, click Pay to redirect to the PayU Payment page.

    If any error message is displayed, refer to Error Handling and troubleshoot the error accordingly.

  2. Check if all the payment modes are listed.

    If any payment of the payment modes are listed not listed, contact your KAM or PayU Support.

  3. Select a payment mode. For example, Credit Card.

  4. Enter the card details and click Proceed. For example, use the following test credit card details:

    • Card No.: 5123-4567-8901-2346
    • Expiry Date: Any future date
    • CVV: 123
    • Name on Card: Any name

    For more test card details, refer to Test Cards, UPI ID and Wallets.

    A dummy bank OTP page is displayed.

  5. Enter the OTP as 123456 for the test card.