Export the Settlement Records

To export and download the settlement records:

  1. Click the Download menu to view the options.

    The menu options under the Download menu are displayed.

  1. Choose Select Fields from the Download menu.

    The Column Settings pop-up page is displayed.

  1. Select the desired check boxes from the Column Settings pop-up window.

  2. Click Save to complete the action.

  3. Select any of the following format to generate the report:

    • csv
    • xslx

    A pop-up window will display the status of the generated report.

  1. Perform any of the following steps:

    • Click Download report option to complete the action.
    • Click Share and enter the recipient email ID.

    The Share Report pop-up window is displayed where you need to enter the e-mail ID.

  2. Click Share to complete the action.



You can share the report to multiple email IDs by entering the comma-separated entries.