View Payouts Pending for Approvals

You can view the details of payouts with the pending status. Certain payouts (significantly high amount) are sent for approval through the Maker-Checker Workflow. Unless the approval is received for such payouts, it will be kept in the Pending Approval state.

To view the details of payout in the pending state:

  1. Click the Pending Approvals tab to view the details of the pending payouts.

  1. Select the period or date range using the Date filter to view the transactions.

Note: You can send an approval reminder to the checker for single or multiple payout records. Otherwise, you can select and mark the single or multiple payouts records as Cancelled.

  1. Select the checkbox corresponding to the payout record(s).

On selecting, Send Reminder and Cancel Selected options are enabled.

  • Click Send Reminder option to send approval reminder to the respective Checker.
  • Click Cancel Selected to mark the selected payout record(s) as cancelled.