Android Custom Browser SDK

PayU's Custom browser is a feature-rich wrapper on top of native WebView that helps by enhancing user experience while making payments on mobile devices. It offers several features that reduce friction in payments, reduce overall transaction time, recover transactions during flaky network conditions and boost success rate.

This section describes how to integrate with CustomBrowser.


  • OTP assist: This feature helps you automatically read OTP messages on bank pages to ease the payment experience.
  • Bank Page Optimizations: PayU optimizes bank pages for good payment experience.
  • SurePay - Prevents transaction from dropping due to network fluctuations.
  • Review Order - Shows transaction's most important information on the Bank Page. Customer can verify the details just before submitting the OTP.


  • Min SDK Version: 21
  • Compile SDK Version: 31 and above
  • Kotlin version: 1.6.10