Integrate UPI QR


For the past few years, commerce has been moving in a two-dimensional direction. Retailers are trying to create an online experience that resembles their in-store experiences, but this just doesn’t work. You need an omni-channel platform that can drive results for your business in all aspects of your business, be it mobile or ecommerce.

The following figure illustrates how your customers can make the payments in omnichannel when compared to multichannel or crosschannel:

The following figure illustrates the difference between the customer experience in omnichannel vs multichannel:

Advantages of PayU Omnichannel

  • Faster and secure payments: As PayU itself a payment provider and implements intelligence to find the fastest route to make payments.
  • Swift integration: PayU provides you with a suite of APIs for smooth integration swiftly and start collecting payments from your customers.
  • Reach new customer segments: Reach new customer segments as reaching new customers is a key to growth.
  • Increase operational efficiency: Benefits your business by increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.
    PayU provides the following Omnichannel APIs to collect payments from your customers:
  • Dynamic QR for Merchant Hosted APIs to generate Dynamic QR with Merchant Hosted checkout (seamless integration), where the payment details can be updated in real-time based on the transaction.
  • Insta Static Bharat QR APIs to generate Static QR codes, where you have pre-configured payment details.
  • Integrated Static Bharat QR APIs to generate Static Bharat QR codes, where you have pre-configured payment details.