EMI Codes

The codes listed in the section are used as value for the bankcode parameter along with the pg parameter as EMI. ##

Credit Card EMI Codes

American Express BankEMIAMEX1212 months
American Express BankEMIAMEX33 months
American Express BankEMIAMEX66 months
American Express BankEMIAMEX99 months
AU Small Finance BankAUSF033 months
AU Small Finance BankAUSF066 months
AU Small Finance BankAUSF099 months
AU Small Finance BankAUSF1210 months
AU Small Finance BankAUSF1818 months
AU Small Finance BankAUSF2424 months
AXIS BankEMIA1212 months
AXIS BankEMIA1818 months
AXIS BankEMIA2424 months
AXIS BankEMIA33 months
AXIS BankEMIA66 months
AXIS BankEMIA99 months
Bank of BarodaBOBCC033 months
Bank of BarodaBOBCC066 months
Bank of BarodaBOBCC099 months
Bank of BarodaBOBCC1212 months
Bank of BarodaBOBCC1818 months
Bank of BarodaBOBCC2424 months
Canara BankCANARA033 months
Canara BankCANARA066 months
Canara BankCANARA099 months
Canara BankCANARA1212 months
Canara BankCANARA1818 months
Canara BankCANARA2424 months
Central Bank of IndiaEMICBI33 months
Central Bank of IndiaEMICBI66 months
Central Bank of IndiaEMICBI99 months
Central Bank of IndiaEMICBI1212 months
CitibankEMI01212 months
CitibankEMI01818 months
CitibankEMI02424 months
CitibankEMI033 months
CitibankEMI066 months
CitibankEMI099 months
Corporation BankEMICB66 months
Corporation BankEMICB99 months
Corporation BankEMICB1212 months
DBS BankDBS033 months
DBS BankDBS066 months
DBS BankDBS099 months
DBS BankDBS1212 months
DBS BankDBS1818 months
DBS BankDBS2424 months
Federal BankFDRL033 months
Federal BankFDRL066 months
Federal BankFDRL099 months
Federal BankFDRL1212 months
Federal BankFDRL1818 months
Federal BankFDRL2424 months
HDFC BankEMI3 months
HDFC BankEMI1212 months
HDFC BankEMI1818 months
HDFC BankEMI2424 months
HDFC BankEMI3636 months
HDFC BankEMI66 months
HDFC BankEMI99 months
Home Credit FinanceHMECDT033 months
Home Credit FinanceHMECDT066 months
Home Credit FinanceHMECDT099 months
Home Credit FinanceHMECDT1212 months
HSBCEMIHS033 months
HSBCEMIHS066 months
HSBCEMIHS099 months
HSBCEMIHS1212 months
HSBCEMIHS1818 months
HSBCEMIHS2424 months
ICICI BankEMIIC1212 months
ICICI BankEMIIC1818 months
ICICI BankEMIIC2424 months
ICICI BankEMIIC33 months
ICICI BankEMIIC66 months
ICICI BankEMIIC99 months
IDBI BankIDBI033 months
IDBI BankIDBI066 months
IDBI BankIDBI099 months
IDBI BankIDBI1212 months
IDFC First BankIDFC033 months
IDFC First BankIDFC066 months
IDFC First BankIDFC099 months
IDFC First BankIDFC1212 months
IDFC First BankIDFC1515 months
IDFC First BankIDFC1818 months
IDFC First BankIDFC2424 months
IDFC First BankIDFC3636 months
Indus Ind BankEMIIND1212 months
Indus Ind BankEMIIND1818 months
Indus Ind BankEMIIND2424 months
Indus Ind BankEMIIND33 months
Indus Ind BankEMIIND3636 months
Indus Ind BankEMIIND66 months
Indus Ind BankEMIIND99 months
Kotak Mahindra BankEMIK1212 months
Kotak Mahindra BankEMIK1818 months
Kotak Mahindra BankEMIK2424 months
Kotak Mahindra BankEMIK33 months
Kotak Mahindra BankEMIK66 months
Kotak Mahindra BankEMIK99 months
LiquiloansLIQUIL066 months
One CardONEC033 months
One CardONEC066 months
One CardONEC099 months
One CardONEC1212 months
One CardONEC1818 months
One CardONEC2424 months
RBL BankEMIRBL1212 months
RBL BankEMIRBL1818 months
RBL BankEMIRBL2424 months
RBL BankEMIRBL33 months
RBL BankEMIRBL66 months
RBL BankEMIRBL99 months
Standard Chartered BankEMISCB1818 months
Standard Chartered BankEMISCB2424 months
Standard Chartered BankEMISCB33 months
Standard Chartered BankEMISCB66 months
Standard Chartered BankEMISCB99 months
Standard Chartered BankEMISCB1212 months
State Bank of IndiaSBI033 months
State Bank of IndiaSBI066 months
State Bank of IndiaSBI099 months
State Bank of IndiaSBI1212 months
RBL BankEMIRBL33 Months
RBL BankEMIRBL66 Months
RBL BankEMIRBL99 Months
RBL BankEMIRBL1212 Months
RBL BankEMIRBL1818 Months
RBL BankEMIRBL2424 Months
YES BankEMIY033 Months
YES BankEMIY066 Months
YES BankEMIY099 Months
YES BankEMIY1212 Months
YES BankEMIY1818 Months
YES BankEMIY2424 Months
Zest MoneyZEST033 months
Zest MoneyZEST066 months
Zest MoneyZEST099 months
Zest MoneyZEST1212 months

Debit Card EMI Codes

AXIS BankAXISD033 Months
AXIS BankAXISD066 Months
AXIS BankAXISD099 Months
AXIS BankAXISD1212 Months
AXIS BankAXISD1818 Months
AXIS BankAXISD2424 Months
Bank of BarodaBOBD033 Months
Bank of BarodaBOBD066 Months
Bank of BarodaBOBD099 Months
Bank of BarodaBOBD1212 Months
Bank of BarodaBOBD1818 Months
Bank of BarodaBOBCC3636 Months
CitibankEMICD033 Months
CitibankEMICD066 months
CitibankEMICD099 months
CitibankEMICD1212 months
CitibankEMICD1818 months
CitibankEMICD2424 months
Federal BankFEDED033 Months
Federal BankFEDED066 Months
Federal BankFEDED099 Months
Federal BankFEDED1212 months
HDFC BankHDFCD033 Months
HDFC BankHDFCD066 Months
HDFC BankHDFCD099 Months
HDFC BankHDFCD1212 Months
HDFC BankHDFCD1818 Months
ICICI BankICICID033 Months
ICICI BankICICID066 Months
ICICI BankICICID099 Months
ICICI BankICICID1212 Months
Kotak Mahindra BankKOTAKD011 Month
Kotak Mahindra BankKOTAKD022 months
Kotak Mahindra BankKOTAKD033 Months
Kotak Mahindra BankKOTAKD066 Months
Kotak Mahindra BankKOTAKD099 Months
Kotak Mahindra BankKOTAKD1212 Months
State Bank of IndiaSBID066 Months
State Bank of IndiaSBID099 Months
State Bank of IndiaSBID1212 Months
State Bank of IndiaSBID1818 Months

Cardless EMI Codes

Bank or InstitutionbankcodeTenure
Bajaj Finserv LimitedBAJFIN033 months
Bajaj Finserv LimitedBAJFIN066 months
Bajaj Finserv LimitedBAJFIN099 months
Bajaj Finserv LimitedBAJFIN1212 months
HDFC Bank LimitedHDFCCL033 months
HDFC Bank LimitedHDFCCL066 months
HDFC Bank LimitedHDFCCL099 months
HDFC Bank LimitedHDFCCL1212 months
HDFC Bank LimitedHDFCCL1818 months
ICICI BankICICIC033 months
ICICI BankICICIC066 months
ICICI BankICICIC099 months
ICICI BankICICIC1212 months
KreditBeeKBEE033 months
KreditBeeKBEE066 months
KreditBeeKBEE099 months
Kredit BeeKBEE1212 months
Kredit BeeKBEE1818 months
LiquiloansLIQUIL066 months


Bank or InstitutionsbankcodeTenure
Axis BankUPIAX033 months
Axis BankUPIAX066 months
Axis BankUPIAX099 months
Axis BankUPIAX1212 months
Axis BankUPIAX2424 months