Enforce Pay Method or Remove Category

For PayU Hosted Checkout integration, PayU has predefined customisations that suit your requirements. You can opt for all or some payment modes according to their requirements.



Before implementing on your Production environment, PayU strongly recommends you to enforce the payment parameters described in this section on the Test environment.

You can append the parameter names in your transaction request to opt for all or some of the payment modes.

Enforce payment customization

Parameter name: enforce_paymethod

This parameter allows you to customize the payment options for each transaction. You can enforce specific payment modes, cards scheme, and specific banks under Net Banking using this method.

You need to include the necessary payment options in this parameter and POST them to PayU at the transaction time. All the categories and sub-categories have specific values that need to be included in this string.

The categories and sub-categories are as follows:

Credit CardMasterCard, Amex, Diners, etc.
Debit CardVisa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.
Net BankingSBI Net Banking, HDFC Net Banking, etc
EMICITI 3 Months EMI, HFC 6 Months EMI, etc.
WalletAirtel Money, YPay, ITZ, Cash Card, etc.
UPIGooglePay, PhonePe, UPI, etc.

To enforce complete categories, use the values as described in the following table:

CategoryValue of enforced_payment
Credit Cardcreditcard
Debit Carddebitcard
Net Bankingnetbanking

To enforce sub-categories, use the respective bank codes for them. Contact PayU Support or at help.payu.in to get the respective bank codes.



Ensure that you are using the delimiter as pipe (|) character between the values in these examples.

Usage examples


All the credit card and debit card options are displayed (as the whole category is enforced). The rest of the categories will not be displayed, that is, EMI, cash card, credit card, debit card, etc. – as they are not being mentioned in the string.


All the credit card, Net Banking, and cash card options are displayed (as the whole category is enforced for these).



Ensure you use this parameter only after testing properly as an incorrect string will lead to undesirable payment options being displayed.

For an example procedure on how to enforce payment with a credit card, refer to Enforce Payment with Credit Card.

Hide Specific Payment Modes

Parameter name : drop_category

The drop_category parameter can be used if you want to hide one or multiple payment options. For example, if you consider the payment options such as credit card, debit card, and net banking, you can hide the credit card mode of payment.

If 30 Net Banking options are available and you want to drop two of those net banking options (that is, do not display those two options on the PayU page), the drop_category parameter can be used effectively.

To drop the whole category, use the following values:

CategoryCategory Value
Credit CardCC
Debit CardDC
Net BankingNB

To drop sub-categories mentioned in the above table, use the respective bank codes for them. For the list bankcodes, refer to Bank and Card Codes for Integration.

Checkout customization examples

drop_category – DC|VISA|MAST

In this example:

  • For the debit card category, only Visa and Master Card options will be dropped, so they are not displayed on the PayU page.
  • All other active payment options are displayed.

drop_category – CC|AMEX, DC|VISA, EMI|EMI6

In this example:

  • For the credit card category, only the AMEX option is dropped and not displayed on the PayU page.
  • In the debit card category, only the VISA option would be dropped.
  • In the EMI category, only HDFC 6 months EMI option (bank code – EMI6) will be dropped.
  • All the other active payment options will be displayed on the PayU page.



Use this parameter only after proper testing as an incorrect string will display undesirable payment modes.