iOS 3DS 2.0 SDK

With 3DS SDK, merchants will be able to provide a native experience rather than redirecting customer to a bank page. The UI is standardised according to EMVCO guidelines and offers customisation. With 3DS 2.0, a native experience can only be provided in an app through a 3DS SDK.

How does native flow work in 3DS SDK?

  1. SDK collects device details.
  2. Post collecting device details, an authentication request has to be generated by passing device details.
  3. Issuer ACS identifies to do a frictionless/ non frictionless flow and responds back with the details.
  4. Basis of the details received, SDK initiates a request for non frictionless flow with ACS/ bank to complete the authentication. SDK renders the UI in a native format and asks the user to input the authentication mechanism and complete the authentication journey.
  5. SDK relays back the response of authentication to merchant and then merchant has to be proceed for authorization of the transaction.

PayU 3DS SDK offers two types of solutions

  1. Use our SDK for collecting device details and to render challenge screens (Decoupled flow)
    1. Authentication/ Authorization can be done with us or any other payment aggregator.
  2. Use our SDK for a complete transaction (Everything through us)
    1. Collecting device details
    2. Invoking an authentication request through our 3DS Server
    3. Invoking challenge
    4. Completing authorization through us