Android Core SDK

Build a custom checkout experience for your Android app with the Android Core SDK.

The Core SDK allows you to integrate the PayU payment gateway into your own payment interface. This gives you more control over the look and feel of the payment interface, as well as the ability to add custom features and functionality.

The Core SDK would help you to create post parameters hassle-free that can be posted to PayU over a WebView or PayU's custom browser. It also offers several value-added APIs like verify-payment, get-user-cards, get-offer-status, etc that helps you to use full capabilities of PayU's platform with minimal effort.



PayU Core Android SDK version 3.0 is deprecated. PayU no longer supports Android SDK version 3.0.PayU has moved to Maven central repository, Update your existing dependency.


Supported payment options

  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Stored Card(Use PayuConstants.CC)
  • NetBanking (Use PayUConstants.NB)
  • NEFT/RTGS(Use PayUConstants.NEFT_RTGS)
  • EMI (Use PayUConstants.EMI)
  • No Cost EMI (Use PayUConstants.EMI)
  • Cash Cards/Wallets (Use PayUConstants.CASH)
  • Intent (Use PayUConstants.UPI_INTENT)
  • UPI (Use PayUConstants.UPI)
  • Google Pay (Use PayUConstants.TEZ)
  • PhonePe (Use PayUConstants.PHONEPE_INTENT)
  • LazyPay (Use PayUConstants.LAZYPAY)
  • TwidPay (Use PayUConstants.PAY_BY_REWARDS)
  • Sodexo (Use PayUConstants.SODEXO)
  • Offer


  • Min SDK Version: 21
  • Compile SDK Version: 31 and above
  • Kotlin version: 1.6.10