Generate Merchant Key and Salt on PayUBiz Dashboard

This section describes how to get the current Salt or generate a new Salt on PayUBiz Merchant Dashboard.


For only PayUBiz merchants:

This procedure is only applicable for PayUBiz merchants.

Get the Current Salt

You can get the new salt value from PayU Merchant Dashboard that will be used in hash calculation.
To get the current Salt:

  1. Navigate to the PayUBiz Merchant Dashboard using the following URL:

The PayUBiz Dashboard login page is displayed.

  1. Enter the user name and password.
  2. Click Sign in.
  3. Navigate to My Account > System Settings.

The 8-digit Salt is displayed under the Salts field.

  1. Click Copy to copy the Salt to the clipboard.

Regenerate Salt for Integration

If you require to change the current Salt or regenerate a new Salt, you can generate it from the PayU Dashboard.
To regenerate salt from Dashboard:

  1. Log in to PayU Merchant Dashboard as described above.
  2. Navigate to My Account > System Settings.

The System Settings page is displayed and Generate New Salt button can be found below the current Salts.

  1. Click Generate New Salt to generate a new Salt for your existing account.

The new Salt is generated.

  1. Click Copy to copy the new Salt to clipboard.

Note: Your new salt will be generated, and the old salt will be de-activated. Ensure that you update the new Salt for all your integration with PayU.