Test Cards, UPI ID and Wallets

This section describes the test cards for Web Checkout or EMI, tes UPI number, Net Banking and test Wallet details to be used in sandbox (Test environment) provided by PayU.



To switch to Test environment, refer to

Test Cards

The following table provides details of some of the test cards that you can use to test your integration in the sandbox (Test environment). As Sandbox is a replica of the production environment, you can push the code in production by just replacing account credentials and URLs.



The character “X” in the card numbers are placeholders that can be substituted with any number (1-9).

Web Checkout

Credit Card

Payment FlowCard NumberNetworkExpiryCVVOTPName
PayU/Merchant Hosted Checkout5123-4567-8901-2346Mastercard05/25123123456any name
PayU/Merchant Hosted Checkout4012-0010-3714-1112VISA05/25123123456any name
Server-to-Server5497-7744-1517-0603Mastercard05/25412123456any name

Debit Card

Card NumberNetworkExpiryCVVOTPName
5118-7000-0000-0003Mastercard05/25123123456any name
4594-5380-5063-9999VISA05/25123123456any mane
6082-0153-0957-7308RUPAY05/25123123456any name

EMI test cards

Payment FlowCard NumberExpiryCVVOTPNameMobile (mandatory for EMIs)Comments
Kotak DC EMI4706-1378-0509-959405/25any random three-digit number111111any name9123412345Amount range is : 5000.00 to 10000.00
AXIS DC EMI4011-5100-0000-000705/25any random three-digit number123456any name8884758579
HDFC CC EMI4453-3410-6587-643705/25any random three-digit numberany six-digit numberany name9123412345
ICICI CC EMI4808-5578-4874-146305/25any random three-digit numberany six-digit numberany name9123412345
Onecard EMI4010-6362-3661-210805/25any random three-digit numberany six-digit numberany name9123412345
Axis CC EMI5241-7847-0366-510605/25any random three-digit numberany six-digit numberany name9123412345
Standard Chartered CC EMI5404-6080-1408-322505/25any random three-digit numberany six-digit numberany name9123412345
HSBC Bank CC EMI4862-6962-7880-702305/25any random three-digit numberany six-digit numberany name9123412345

International Payments or DCC

Payment FlowCard NumberBrandExpiryCVVOTPNameMobile (mandatory for EMIs)
Bank OF America4020-2150-0767-797XVISA04/2038976677976any name9123412345
Choice Bank5426-5X52-1112-3499Mastercard06/2033499123499any name9123412345
Banco Bilboa Vizcya Argenteria S.A. (BBVA)4632-2279-15XX-4830VISA11/2027830664830any name9123412345
Bank of America Merril Lynch International DAC5331-4169-81X4-7321Mastercard02/2029321647321any name9123412345


You can use anything@payu or [email protected] as VPA to test your UPI-related integration in the sandbox (Test environment).



The anything@payu VPA can be used in the sandbox or API Playground and any other VPA will not work.

Test Net Banking credentials

Use the following credentials for Net Banking in the sandbox:

  • user name: payu
  • password: payu
  • OTP: 123456

The above Net Banking credentials must be used in API Playground.

Test Wallets

endorMobile NumberOTP
PhonePeUse the Phonepe Pre-Prod app for testing purposes as described in the following PhonePe doc. location: https://developer.phonepe.com/v1/docs/setting-up-test-account Download the app and register your mobile number and follow the instructions as descived in the above PhonePe docs.
AmazonYou can test using your original Amazon account details.