The Dynamic Currency Conversion process starts with the consumer payment page, and when the customer wishes to make a payment for any goods and services and provides the necessary card details.

The foreign currency is converted by the PayU’s integration API and then the merchant is given the option to choose the card currency like INR for making the payments.

Customer Journey with PayU Hosted Checkout

Steps Involved

After your customer completes the checkout, you redirect to PayU Payment page and the following steps are involved on PayU Payment page:

  1. Customer clicks Pay Now on your website.

    The PayU Payment page is displayed.

  1. Customer selects Cards (Credit/Debit) option.

  1. Customer enters the international card number details and clicks Proceed.

The Bank OTP page is displayed to validate the customer’s card.

  1. Customer enters the OTP sent by bank to their registered mobile number and clicks Submit.
  2. PayU gets the response and sends to you to process the order.