Integrate Import for Payments OS

If you do not have a local entity in India and your business is classified as software, digital goods, or gaming, you can register for an OPGSP flow with PayU India.

For the Create Payment request. the following object contains the mandatory parameters for Cross-Border integration:



For more information on Create Change request, refer to the PayU Payments OS documentation.

    "billing_address": {
        "city": "Saharanpur",
        "phone": "98989889898",
        "country": "IND",
        "first_name": "NA",
        "last_name": "NA",
        "line1": "Saharanpur",
        "line2": "Saharanpur",
        "state": "UP",
        "zip_code": "247001"

After registering for an OPGSP flow, you must post the following using the Create Change request (similar to the following sample code):

  • invoice ID using the invoice_id parameter
  • buyer’s permanent account number using the additionalDescription1 parameter
  • buyers’s date of birth using the additionalDescription3 parameter.
"provider_specific_data": {
    "payu_india": {
      "additional_details": {
        "additionalDescription1": "AAAPZ1234C",
        "additionalDescription3": "22/08/1972",
        "invoice_id": "1234",