Refer Merchants using Referral Links

Share the referral link (affiliate link) with your clients and ask them to create a merchant account on PayU. The affiliate link redirects the users to the PayU website, where they can smoothly initiate and complete their onboarding.


  • PayU manages the complete onboarding journey
  • Partners don’t need to do any integrations
  • Complete onboarding is done on the PayU website
  • No platform or integration is required for partner
  • Ideal for Individual resellers

Onboarding through a referral link

  1. Get the Affiliate Link from the Partner Portal. Share it with the merchants you want to onboard.

    Merchant receives and runs the link in the web browser. As a result, PayU’s Sign Up page is displayed.

  1. Enter your email address in the Email field.

  2. Enter a password in the Set a Password field that you want to use while log in to PayU merchant account.

  3. Enter your mobile number in the Mobile field.

  4. Select the Get important updates on WhatsApp check box if you wish to get updates from PayU on WhatsApp.

  5. Select Yes in the Do you want to collect payments on your website field and then provide your website URL in the Enter your Website URL field.

  6. Enter your monthly expected sales or revenue in the Monthly expected sales (in Rupees) field.

  7. Click Send OTP & Create Account.

  8. Complete OTP verification by entering the OTP received on your phone number that you specified in Step 4.

    After successful verification, your merchant account is created. Now you can activate your account and collect payments.

  9. Complete your KYC to start collecting payments.

Collecting payments without integration

If you want to get payments directly into your bank account and without integrating your website or mobile application, you need to use the following options:

  • Payment Link: Send payment links to customers via SMS or email and collect instant payments directly into your account
  • Payment Button: Create a Payment Button within no time by just copy-pasting the code
  • Excel Plugin: Get payments using the excel sheet plugins

Collecting payments through payment gateway

If you opt for Payment Gateway Integration, enable settlements using the following procedure:

  1. Enter your website or mobile application details and complete website verification.

    The website URL is verified, and the pop-up message is displayed.

  1. Click Next on the pop-up page.
  2. Enter the details in the Signing Authority Details section.

  1. Enter the details in the Product & Service Details section.

  1. Select the policies which are present on the Terms & Conditions page of your website in the Terms and Conditions section.

  1. Submit the KYC documents of the signing authority to activate the account and initiate a money transfer into your verified bank account.


  1. Download the service agreement and accept the Service Agreement.


The Service Agreement is displayed similar to the following screenshot: