Priority Settlements

PayU Priority Settlements allow eligible merchants to receive payments faster than the standard settlement time. Priority Settlements can be useful for merchants who require quick access to funds in order to manage their cash flow or meet financial obligations.


To be eligible for Priority Settlements, merchants must meet the following criteria:

  1. The merchant’s account must be fully KYC-compliant.
  2. The merchant’s account must have a successful transaction history for at least 60 days.
  3. The merchant’s account must have a low dispute and chargeback rate.
  4. The merchant must have a good credit history and financial stability.

If a merchant meets the eligibility criteria, they can request to enroll in Priority Settlements using Dashboard or contact PayU Support. For more information, Enrol for Priority Settlements.


Merchants who are enrolled in Priority Settlements can expect the following benefits:

  1. Faster settlement times: Payments will be settled from 15 minutes to 24 hours from the time of a successful transaction.
  2. Improved cash flow management: Merchants can access funds faster, allowing them to manage their cash flow more effectively.
  3. Increased flexibility: Merchants can use the funds to meet their financial obligations or invest in their business.
  4. Competitive advantage: Merchants who offer faster settlement times may be more attractive to customers and gain a competitive advantage over their peers.


Merchants enrolled in Priority Settlements may be subject to a higher transaction fee than the standard rate. The exact fee will depend on the settlement time they had enrolled for. For more information, Enrol for Priority Settlements.

Enroll for Priority Settlements

This section describes how to enroll for Priority settlements.

To enroll for Priority settlements:

  1. Navigate to Track > Settlements.

    The Settlements Overview page is displayed.

  1. Click Manage Settlement Cycle on the Manage your Settlement Cycle Settings pane on the right side.

Note: The Manage Settlement Cycle on the Manage your Settlement Cycle Settings pane is enabled only if you are eligible. For eligibility criteria, refer to Priority Settlements.

    The Choose your Priority Settlements cycle pop-up page is displayed. The charges (in percentage of the transaction amount) for each Settlement cycle are mentioned for every settlement cycle along with the transaction limit.

  1. Select the Settlement cycle that will suit your business needs.
  2. Click Select & Proceed.
  1. Click Confirm to configure the selected Settlement cycle.