Chargeback Dashboard

To find the chargeback details:

  1. Log on to PayU Dashboard.

  2. Select Chargeback from the left pane.

    The Chargeback page is displayed in a new browser tab.

If you click a ID under the id column of the chargebacks table at the bottom.



You can enter the variables like PayU ID, Transaction ID, Bank Case, chargeback status, and the date entries to search the results.

To filter the dates using the To and From option, use the calendar view. Click to select the desired date range. Use Previous and Next to select the desired month.

The following fields help you to perform different actions such as:

  • Search: To search for a particular chargeback detail.
  • Reset: To clear the entries in each field.
  • Export: To export the search results.

The search results will include the following fields:

  • View
  • PayU ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Chargeback Date
  • Reply Before
  • Status
  • Case Number
  • Chargeback Reason
  • Documents