Integrate Recommendation Engine

Add a recommendation engine on your checkout page for a superior payment experience.

PayU Global Vault + Recommendation engine, payment instruments are accessible across merchants. This means once a customer has saved an instrument with PayU, they can pay quickly across any merchant for all repeat transactions.

The recommendation is based on user-specific data like Recency, frequency, etc, and contextual data like transaction amount, and preferred payment instrument on the merchant group. The key metrics impacted by this feature are SRT (Success rates), Reduction in user drops, Avg. time taken by users to order.

Transacting using global vault helps with an improved user experience with an average of 5% better success rates and a faster conversion time with lesser clicks (98% of users complete transactions within 2 mins on saved instruments as compared to 80% conversion in 2 mins for non-saved instruments).

Customer experience

Logged in User

Users can log in to the vault using a mobile number and verify it with an OTP. Authenticated mobile numbers also help to ensure access to saved payment Instruments across devices, browsers, and across platforms – iOS, Android, and Web.

Non-Logged in User

Users can’t access stored/consented data, although they can access the recommendations basis of the merchant’s choice of goal/objective like Cost, Affordability, SRT, etc.


Global Vault and Recommendation engine is live with PayU Checkout Pro SDK which needs V2 hash.