Affordability refers to the ability of your customers to pay for products or services using flexible and convenient payment options, such as EMIs (equated monthly instalments), Pay Later, No Cost EMI, and other offers. Affordability solutions can help online businesses attract more customers, increase sales, and improve customer loyalty by providing them with payment plans that suit their budget and preferences.

Some of the benefits of affordability solutions for online businesses are:

  • They can offer customers a wider range of payment options and reduce the friction at checkout.
  • They can increase the average order value and conversion rate by enabling customers to buy high-ticket items or services in instalments.
  • They can reduce the risk of chargebacks and fraud by using secure and reliable payment gateways that handle the affordability transactions.
  • They can leverage the data and insights from the payment gateways to optimize their pricing, marketing, and customer retention strategies.



Ensure that the affordability options are displayed clearly and accurately on their website or app, and that the customers are aware of the eligibility criteria, interest rates, fees, and other details.

The PayU Affordability suite includes the following:

  • EMI Integration : Enable EMI payment mode for your customer to convert into EMIs easily.
  • Offers: Enable instant discount, cashback or SKU-based offers on Checkout for various payment modes
  • BNPL Integration: Allow your customers to purchase goods or services & defer payment for a period of time.