Recommendation Engine

PayU’s Recommendation Engine – Personalized Payment Experience for Your Customers!

PayU helps you improve the payment experiences to make it seamless and hassle-free for your customers. That’s why we have introduced our innovative Recommendation Engine (RE) to personalize the order of payment instruments on the product checkout page.

The RE is designed to help you to improve the overall conversion by:

  1. improving payment success rates.
  2. reducing user drops,
  3. minimizing the average time taken by users to complete the payment.



If you are using PayU Hosted Checkout Integration to collect payment on your website, you can get in touch with your KAM (Key Account Manager) to activate the RE.

Key Benefits

The RE brings the following key benefits to the checkout experience of your customers:

Recommendation — Recommendations are provided to the customer on the payment checkout page based on:

  1. Transactions made by the customers in the past and the saved payment modes.
  2. Specific goals selected by the merchants that could be optimising for the success rate of payments, affordability, payment processing cost, etc.
  3. Contextual data points of a transaction, e.g. transaction amount and merchant category.

Personalization — personalises the experience of both first-time and repeat customers by providing recommendation based on users eligibility and transaction history.

Optimization — The recommendation engine introduces an additional section on the payment checkout page to:

  1. Display promoted payment modes and affordability options.
  2. Reduce the number of click required by the customer to complete a payment by displaying the payment option that is most likely to be used.
  3. Improves discovery of newly added payment options.

Three scenarios, one solution!

At PayU, we understand that every customer is unique. That’s why our RE is designed to work in three scenarios:

  • Repeat user (customer) with stored and consented data
  • Repeat user without any stored/consented data
  • First-time user

The RE enhances recommendations in all three scenarios to ensure that your customers get the best payment experience possible.

How does RE work?

The RE personalizes the order of payment options that a customer sees on the checkout page. It takes into account different factors, like how often the customer has used a particular payment option and how much they’re spending on their purchase. By doing this, the RE aims to increase the success rate of payments, reduce the number of users who abandon their transactions, and make the ordering process faster. The RE also considers the amount of the transaction to display the most affordable payment options that the customers can choose from.

Achieve your goals with payU’s Recommendation Engine

We understand that your business goals and objectives are unique. That’s why we have designed our RE to optimize recommendations based on your specific goals. Whether you want to focus on optimizing the payment processing cost, displaying the most affordable payment option for the customer, or improving the payment success rates, our RE will help you achieve your goals.

Choose your goal and let the Recommendation Engine do the Rest!

Our RE offers three goals that you can choose from:

  • Payment Success Rates — Recommendations optimized for payment success rates. Success rate will be considered as default goal is none of the goals are set by the merchants.
  • Payment Processing Cost — Recommendations optimized for payment processing Cost. This goal help you to collect payment the most cost-effective payment mode.
  • Affordability — Recommendations optimized for Affordability.

At PayU, we believe in empowering our merchants to achieve their business goals. Choose the goal that best aligns with your business context, and our RE will optimize recommendations to help you achieve your objectives.

Leveraging contextual data points

PayU’s Recommendation Engine (RE) is equipped with many contextual data points that will enhance your customers’ payment experience even further. Our RE incorporates a separate module for each data point, which allows us to optimize payment recommendations based on a variety of factors such as Promoted Payment Modes, Transaction Amount and Success Rate, etc.

The RE synthesizes the output from all the modules to come up with the most relevant payment recommendations for your customers. By leveraging contextual data, we ensure that your customers get the most personalized and optimized payment experience possible.

Get started today

Experience the power of PayU’s RE and give your customers a personalized payment experience Get in touch with your Key Account Manager (KAM) at PayU to get started today and start optimizing your payment recommendations!