SI on International Cards

PayU supports recurring payments for international cards. PayU has made tokenization obligatory for international cards SI. Currently, PayU only permits a challenge-based process for mandate registration, that is, OTP verification is required for an active mandate setup.


  1. Use Card Bin Info API to check if the card bin is international. For more information, refer to Check is Domestic API.

  2. The registration and recurring process is same as the current workflow for cards issued in India, where, authentication and authorisation will be done on user’s card.  For more information, refer to Payment Consent Transaction using PayU Hosted Checkout or Payment Consent Transaction with Merchant Hosted Checkout

    In the response of the **_payment** API used for register a payment consent transaction, you can check the carttype response parameter to check if it is a domestic or international card.

  3. After authorisation, the card must be tokenised either via PayU or by merchants. In case of Network token flow, authentication will be done directly via tokenised cards.

  4. Post tokenisation, the registration procedure will be executed, and consent will become active in the system.

  5. The merchant will initiate the Pre-Debit Notification API, and PayU will respond with a successful confirmation in realtime. For more information, refer to Pre-Debit Notification API

  6. Following the Pre-Debit Notification call, the merchant will independently handle all the subsequent transactions based on subscription setup ie. billing amount, start date, end date.

  7. The Recurring Payment API will directly deduct the required amount. For more information, refer to Recurring Payment Transaction API.

Supported Flow and Scope

  • Flow Supported: PayU Tokenised Flow, Merchant Tokenised Flow (Plain Card Registration + Update Token) &  Network Token Registration. For more information, refer to the following:
  • Current Scope: Card Issuer is Non-Indian, Merchant is registered in India, and Transaction currency is INR. 
  • Frequency Supported: ADHOC

Supported payment instruments

PayU supports the following networks and card types:

Supported networks

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Supported card types

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card