Affordability Widget


An affordability widget is a tool that enhances your product listing page by providing information on
various payment options based on affordability, such as EMI, Cardless EMI, and Pay Later, as well as any
available offers for your customers. With this widget, customers can easily access this information before
reaching the checkout page.
Furthermore, embedding the widget is effortless with its Plug and Play design, and it can be activated
instantly to improve the customer’s shopping experience.



The Affordability Widget is currently available as an add on feature with the PayU Web integration suite.

Benefits of Affordability Widget

The affordability widget offers various benefits that can influence customer decision-making during
product selection. These include:

Discover Available Offers and Affordability Options

  • With the Affordability Widget, your customers can discover available offers and affordability options at the time of purchase, encouraging them to make a purchase and improving top-of-the-funnel conversion rates.
  • By providing complete EMI details, such as available lenders, EMI tenures, rate of interest, and per-month EMI amounts, the widget enables your customers to make informed decisions about customized affordability rates and eligibility.
  • The Affordability Widget’s built-in EMI calculator further enhances the customer experience by allowing them to check the rate of interest and EMI payment amounts, personalized to their purchase use-case.

Caters to Low Ticket Size Purchases

  • The Affordability Widget is designed to cater to low ticket size purchases by automatically switching context and details to recommend available BNPL options.
  • This feature ensures that your customers are provided with a range of affordable payment options, regardless of the value of their purchase.

Effortless Integration

  • Integrating the Affordability Widget is effortless, as you only need to embed a 4-5 line HTML code (via a JS file) to display the widget on their PDP pages.
  • The average time to go live is less than a day, ensuring that businesses can start improving customer decision-making with minimal disruption.

Mobile-Responsive Design and Customization

  • The widget is customizable to your specific website and is completely mobile-responsive, adapting itself to best fit the merchant website form and structure. We are continuously working on adding more customization options to enhance the widget’s effectiveness.

Demo of the Widget

See Affordability widget in action on the following demo link:

Preview of the Affordability Widget

  • On Web
  • On Mobile