What is Maximizer?

Maximizer solution allows you to route your web/mobile app transactions to different aggregators with one integration in place. You can route your transactions by setting up routing rules from PayU Dashboard in simple and easy steps. The rules can be configured on the Success Ratio or you can define the preference-based routing among aggregators across payment methods; this would help you to optimise your transaction cost, improve the success ratio and provide seamless shopping experience to your customers.

Advantages for your business

  • Ease of Integration : Maximizer solution is available on the fly with your existing PayU integration, making it simple for you to start routing transactions to different aggregators without changing a line of code. For new merchants interested to use Maximizer solution, it will be a easier integration with our PayU/Merchant hosted checkout flows.
  • Real-time Automatic Optimisation : Maximizer uses real-time and historic data to route transactions to the best available acquirer thus ensuring guaranteed transaction conversion.
  • Improved Success Rate : Maximizer product is the best in the market routing algorithm ensures reduction in checkout drops and improves overall success rate of your business 
  • Better Customer Experience : Maximizer seamlessly routes the transaction to the best-performing gateway entirely through the backend without any customer intervention.
  • Quicker Newer payment option activation : With the Maximizer product, any new payment option needed by you can be activated quickly from the back-end and same can be extended to your customers for purchase.

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