2. Test the Integration

Use the Test mode to check if the integration is working as expected.

After the integration is complete, you must test the integration before you go live and start collecting payment. You can start accepting actual payments from your customers once the test is successful.

You can make test payments using one of the payment methods configured at the Checkout.


Watch Out!

You must only use the Test merchant Key and Test Salt to carry out a test transaction.

Test wallets

You can use the following wallets and their corresponding credentials to test wallet integration.

WalletMobile NumberOTP
PhonePeUse the Phonepe Pre-Prod app for testing purposes as described in the following PhonePe doc. location: https://developer.phonepe.com/v1/docs/setting-up-test-account
Download the app and register your mobile number and follow the instructions as described in the above PhonePe docs.
AmazonPayYou can test using your original Amazon account details.