Add a Priority-Based Routing Rule

You can add a rule involving single or multiple payment methods with Priority-Based Routing. This section describes how to add a routing rule with examples.

Add a rule for Net Banking

  1. Select the Routing Rules tab on the Maximizer Dashboard.

    The Routing Rules tab is displayed similar to the following screenshot (without any existing rules).

  1. Click Create rule now.

The Create Custom Rule page with the Rule Configuration screen is displayed.

  1. Select the Netbanking tab.

The Netbanking tab is displayed.

  1. Click the Select Payment Type drop-down list select the banks for which routing rules.



If you have already created a routing rule for a bank on the Netbanking tab, an error message similar to the following is displayed:

  1. Click Next after you have selected the banks for Net Banking routing.

The Payment Aggregator screen is displayed.

  1. Select Priority Based Routing tab.

The Priority Based Routing tab is displayed.

  1. Drag the payment aggregators using the following button next to them and then click Next.

The Rule Guidelines screen is displayed.

  1. Enter the name for the rule in the Title field.

  2. Click Create Rule to create the rule.

    The rule is added to the Routing Rules tab of Maximizer dashboard.