Android UPI SDK

UPI Integration with Android

This cluster aims to document all the knowledge base for UPI transactions. Implementation of most of the UPI flows is different when compared to normal transactions.

There are broadly two types of UPI transactions, Collect and Intent(Pure Intent/In-App). For collect transactions, PayU informs the payment gateway to trigger a transaction to the app linked to the provided VPA, which asks the user for approval.

For intent transactions, we delegate the transaction process to an external app like BHIM, Google Pay, etc, which lets users transfer money to a VPA specified by us. After that, we use the PG (related to the specified VPA) for verification. PayU has a pre-configured VPA (distinct on the PG-Merchant level) on which the app makes the user to pay the amount.

The implementation details are described in the following sections:

  • Gradle Dependency and Troubleshooting
  • Generate Payment Hash
  • Payment Request Post Data
  • Callbacks
  • Make Payment
  • VPA Validation
  • Sandbox Environment Configurations