Instant Refunds

Parameters and modes

These are the parameter and modes posted for instant refunds:

{"refund_mode":"3","beneficiary_full_name":"Test","beneficiary_account":"12344","beneficiary_ifsc":"HDFC000 0001"}
{"refund_mode":"4","beneficiary_full_name":"test","beneficiary_account":"12344","beneficiary_ifsc":"HDFC0000 001"}

Mandatory parameters



ModeChannelAmount LimitDescription
1PayU PayU will internally check for any alternate instant refund channel available. If not present, it will be processed through a normal channel.
2UPI<= 1,00,00PayU will push funds on the shared VPA
3IMPS<= 2,00,000PayU will push funds through IMPS into the account number shared
4NEFT>= 2,00,000PayU will push funds through NEFT into the account number shared.



​Priority order followed by PayU if the mode 1 is passed: Instant Refund Through PG > Instant Refund Through UPI > Instant Refund Through IMPS > Instant Refund Through NEFT > Normal PG Refunds.

Sample request

curl --location -g --request POST '{{http_endpoint}}/merchant/postservice.php?form=2'
--form 'key="testsms"'
--form 'command="cancel_refund_transaction"'
--form 'hash="3931b114a5884f6ef2023745a4698369cf694e5a0a31861ab5458bd878b55a82fdd8d01845b3 157fe78f60253094ec9319e0b9a6bcdee35d1338bb78e7678ab6 "'
--form 'var1="43873219"'
--form 'var2="R003242NFE2AHF"'
--form 'var3="160.0"'
--form 'var4=""'
--form 'var5=""'
--form 'var6=""'
--form 'var7="{ "test_sms_child_1": { "amount": 100, aggreatorRefundAmount: 40 }, "test_sms_child_2": {"amount": 20, aggreatorCommission: 0 }}"'

Sample response

Success response

{ "status": 1, "msg": "Refund Request Queued", "request_id": "6582898821", "bank_ref_num": null, "mihpayid": 7043873219, "error_code": 102 }



In the case of Aggregator merchants, the sample success response will be as follows:

{ 7043873219 => { "status": 1, "msg": "Refund Request Queued", "request_id": "6582898821", "bank_ref_num": null, "mihpayid": 7043873219, "error_code": 102 }, 7043873220 => { "status": 1, "msg": "Refund Request Queued", "request_id": "6582898821", "bank_ref_num": null, "mihpayid": 7043873220, "error_code": 102 }}

Error response

{ "Status":0, "msg":"Invalid Hash." }