Create Merchant API

The Create Merchant API is used to:

  • Create a new merchant account on PayU and post all KYC details
  • Returns the Merchant ID (mid) in the response.

This API is authorised through a client token generated using the client ID and secret.



The access token with the scope as refer_merchant is required on the header. For more information on getting the access token, refer to Get Token API.


Test Environment
Production Environment

Reference information for request parameters

merchant[business_details][business_category]For the list of business categories, refer to Business. Category List.
merchant[business_details][business_entity_type]For the list of business entity type, refer to Business Entity Type.
merchant[business_details][business_sub_category]For the list of business subcategories, refer to Business Sub-Category.

Response parameters

For the response parameters, refer to Additional Info for Partner Integration APIs.

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